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Advancing National & Cross-Border Payment Settlement for a Digital Era

Explore how Dragonfly Settlement can transform a nation’s interbank settlement capabilities across retail and wholesale transactions, including ATM, POS, and cross-border FX.

1000s of transactions per second (TPS)

Instant peer-to-peer (P2P) settlement

24/7 operations with zero gridlock or downtime

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Modernizing Settlement: Key Capabilities

Addressing the demands of the digital era, Dragonfly Settlement offers essential features for affordable and instant payment settlement.


High-Capacity Processing Power: Utilizing a hybrid architecture combining a next-gen centralized database and DLT, ensuring high-throughput processing.


Instant P2P Settlement: Eliminating intermediaries, particularly correspondent banks, to ensure substantial cost savings, reduced settlement risk, and enhanced transparency.


Real-Time Compliance Checks: Utilizes a pre-configured and customizable compliance rules engine to automatically validate incoming settlement requests instantly.


Multi-Asset Versatility: Accommodates multi-currency settlement and other asset types, including Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and digital securities.


Open APIs: Facilitating seamless interoperability through APIs and SDKs for integration with legacy core banking systems, e-banking, and mobile wallet payment providers.


Digital ID Integration: Uses self-sovereign digital ID for verifiable credentials, streamlining KYC checks, and fostering trust among trade counterparts.