Payments Platform

Payments Platform

Our Payments Platform is driven by the world’s first blockchain-powered mobile wallet solution, mWallet, and it offers the most advanced set of benefits.

  • Takes only about three months* to be customized into a branded, market-ready platform
  • Makes development cost-effective by minimizing backend development needs
  • Highly customizable to incorporate a wide range of financial services
  • Easy to integrate into existing and new platforms with the help of APIs
  • End-to-end technical support
  • Freedom and flexibility for your users at the most affordable price
  • Lucrative income stream for your business
  • Ready to expand into a full-fledged neobank

* standard configuration

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Why Dragonfly’s Payments Platform?

e-Wallets are becoming an integral part of the growing financial services landscape. Dragonfly’s Payments Platform offers you the opportunity to quickly leverage the most cutting-edge e-wallet solution and its range of services from multi-currency merchant payments to loyalty points. All of this is powered by our proprietary blockchain-powered nCore platform, which makes it highly robust and efficient. Plus, if you need to expand, you can grow your platform into a full-fledged neobank.