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Bringing the Power of Blockchain to Capital Markets

Use Enhanced Distributed Ledger for Exchanges (eDLX) to offer your customers a digital securities management platform that is:

Designed to support stakeholders

Compatible with multiple assets and currencies

Regulatory compliant

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eDLX is an easy-to-launch yet feature-rich white label platform whose benefits are multifold for you and your customers.

Forget your regulatory compliance woes with this jurisdiction agnostic platform

Append custom features such as listings, bonus issuances, splits, reverse splits, and more

List multiple types of assets, currencies, and other financial instruments such as securities, bonds, derivatives, and debt

Get a complete view of asset holding movement and asset holders in real-time

Make customer onboarding and experience smooth with an inbuilt KYC system, immediate and automated clearing and settlement, built-in payments, and more

Easily identify illegitimate activities and prevent data tampering with immutable and timestamped records

Integrate your services with other platforms with a wide range of SDKs and API

Comply with regulations across jurisdictions

Negating Complexities and Offering Comfort for Your Customers


Enable your users to trade and transact multiple financial instruments such as securities, bonds, derivatives, and debt


Make it easy to complete KYC and help users sign up in a few simple steps


Offer users the flexibility to trade assets of their choice on a single platform


Bring easy financing alternatives to SMEs with the ability to digitalize real-world assets


Facilitate faster liquidity options for investors of projects and funds


Secure all users against illicit activities on the platform

Giving Innovation a New Meaning in Equity Markets

The world has long hailed blockchain as a disruptive force in the financial technology industry. The Enhanced Distributed Ledger for eXchanges (eDLX) takes advantage of blockchain to offer a radical and comprehensive solution for shared registry, custody, issuance, and management of assets. eDLX also facilitates the trading of a range of traditional and digital financial instruments across primary and secondary markets.

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