Central Bank Digital Currency — CBDC

A Winning Formula to Effectively Manage Central Bank Digital Currency

Develop your central bank digital currency (CBDC) on top of Dragonfly’s robust, secure, and cost-effective CBDC infrastructure.

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Top-notch Security, Accessibility and Usability

Use Dragonfly’s CBDC infrastructure to enjoy comprehensive features that bring the best of the traditional financial world and blockchain technology together.

Transaction privacy between financial institutions

Fast and secure payments with inbuilt encryption

Highly scalable infrastructure for large transaction volumes

Ability to define independent monetary policies

Hassle-free KYC with integrated digital identity

Traceability to counter money laundering and terrorism financing

Offer a wide variety of financial services

Interbank real-time gross settlement with no gridlock or deadlock

SDKs and APIs to seamlessly connect and operate with external services

Easier accessibility for better financial inclusion